Common Problem

What is Forex ?
Foreign exchange, foreign exchange or forex, it is another of a country's currency exchange. The term "Forex" is short-term foreign exchange. Forex currency trading allows investors to invest another one or more commodity tool.
BEING FULL is a group of professionals to establish and create a regulated online trading brokerage firms in the financial sector, will provide investment services for all types of traders and institutions worldwide have a clear understanding. A deep understanding of the company's technology infrastructure and continued demand Trader Construction. BEING FULL and the banking system and liquidity as well as to provide a strong connection combine to provide the best trading experience in today's marketplace.
That trading platform does not support what we offer ?
BEING FULL provided by popular MetaTrader5, including desktop, Web and several platform options move.
How do I start ?
Sign up and BEING FULL trading account is quick and easy, just enter your personal information, we will immediately approve your demo account.
I practice before I can deal with real money ?
Yes, by opening a demo account, we will credit you with $ 100,000 in virtual money to start practicing your trading strategies.
Do you offer Forex training ?
Our customer support team to provide the best use of our trading platform valuable training and support. However, as a regulated forex broker, we can not provide guidelines trading strategy.
Where do I update my personal account information ?
Once logged in to me, you can click the "Profile" to quickly and easily update your profile in the menu.
How do I deposit ?
Customers can directly BEING FULL console or through their customer account manager phone deposit funds.
How do I retrieve my forgotten password ?
Click on the "Forgot Password" , and follow the steps provided quickly.
Do I get support ?
Yes, we offer the entire trading session all week and customers' personal technical support. Outside trading hours, the client will receive an e-mail support.
What statistics are there?
All transactions statistical data can be reported from the area of ​​the trading platform and BEING FULL.
How do I close my BEING FULL account ?
Please contact your support representative or support for us to close your account.
BEINGFULL obey the laws and regulations of the international financial regulator, to ensure the safety of client funds, ensure the safety of the trading environment and transparency.
Foreign exchange and contracts for differences CFD product is leveraged products, trading accounts produced by the product losses may exceed the initial investment amount. This kind of product is not suitable for all investors, so please make sure you understand the risk before investment.
* BEINGFULL is BEINGFULL Limited's registered trademark, the United States by the NFA authorized and regulation (ID: 0511146). Company registered address SUITE 1702 GE BUILDING NO.30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA NEW YORK .NY 10112 US (845)521-7948