Account Introduction

More than 100 kinds of trading products : Including 54 kinds of foreign exchange currency pairs, 53 kinds of CFDs, 12 kinds of the world's major stock indices, gold, silver, precious metals, oil, natural gas and other energy products.
One Click Trading : It simplifies the tedious trading operations, transact with a single click.
Mobile clients : Easy transactions on your Apple or Android phones.
Network clients : Easy transactions on any device with Internet access; also available through our award-winning web hosting dedicated server (VPS) for uninterrupted operation of your automated trading system (EA).
Out of the market at any time : Even during the time of press release, or when the market has violent fluctuation.
No re-quotes or deny the status of any transaction volume : When Market fluctuates violently, especially during major economic data release time, no matter how much is your trading volume, the market trading account allows you to perform to the best market price of the transaction, the order will not be denied.
High liquidity : 16 world's top banks to provide liquidity, so that your order can be quickly traded in accordance with the best market price !
EUR / USD spread as low as 1.5 : Enjoy low transaction costs under normal market conditions.
BEINGFULL obey the laws and regulations of the international financial regulator, to ensure the safety of client funds, ensure the safety of the trading environment and transparency.
Foreign exchange and contracts for differences CFD product is leveraged products, trading accounts produced by the product losses may exceed the initial investment amount. This kind of product is not suitable for all investors, so please make sure you understand the risk before investment.
* BEINGFULL is BEINGFULL Limited's registered trademark, the United States by the NFA authorized and regulation (ID: 0511146). Company registered address SUITE 1702 GE BUILDING NO.30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA NEW YORK .NY 10112 US (845)521-7948