Multi Account Manager (MAM) Software for Money Managers

This suite of software tools allows you, the Money Manager, to automate trade allocations in you client accounts and execute block orders with a single click.
BEING FULL MAM is tightly integrated with our MT5 platform, extending the functionality to allow you control of your client accounts from your master account and reducing your overhead so you can focus on strategy and management. All MT5 order types are supported and there are no trading restrictions.
Commissions and performance can be monitored in real time, and MAM provides for easy client reporting – monthly, quarterly and annual reports for your clients are simple and quick to produce.
·Place Large Orders Fast·Quickly Set Allocation Values
·Quick Order Entry·Create Multiple Funds
·Controlled Allocations·Manage Unlimited Accounts
·No Extra Steps Required·Maintain Full Client Account Control
·Automate Trade Management·Market, Pending & Trailing
·All Trading Strategies Allowed·One-Click Order Entry
·No System Restrictions·Close All Options
·Leverage Your Custom EA
To operate a MAM account with BEING FULL you should meet certain criteria:
1. Manage funds for a minimum of five clients each with account equity in excess of $5000
2. Have Power of Attorney and Compensation Acknowledgement forms completed for each client account
If you meet these criteria please complete the form below to begin your MAM account application.
BEING FULL MAM Account Application
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
BEINGFULL obey the laws and regulations of the international financial regulator, to ensure the safety of client funds, ensure the safety of the trading environment and transparency.
Foreign exchange and contracts for differences CFD product is leveraged products, trading accounts produced by the product losses may exceed the initial investment amount. This kind of product is not suitable for all investors, so please make sure you understand the risk before investment.
* BEINGFULL is BEINGFULL Limited's registered trademark, the United States by the NFA authorized and regulation (ID: 0511146). Company registered address SUITE 1702 GE BUILDING NO.30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA NEW YORK .NY 10112 US (845)521-7948